Almost 8 months with Mr. Shaw!!! I never could have imagined I can go this far. Thank you so much, Mr. Shaw!! The shaw style workouts are awesome and very challenging, and "no 2 workouts are the same”, as we all know that we can’t do the same workout everyday, he is great of mixing it up. He keeps tracking of your record and once it is time to go up, he will bring the heavier ones to you. He is pushing your boundaries, constantly. Lamar showed me that it is possible. I recommend him to anyone with confident that he will bring your fitness and body figure to the next level! No worries that you are a newbie or for whatever reason, no one starts perfect! The beach season is around the corner, so if you have time and want to look better, why wait? He has an amazing deal on groupon right now, so grab it and start right now.

Here are the numbers that ladies care about. I lost about 30lbs(it happened in the first 3 to 4 months, but I’ve been getting more muscles and more toned since then). My body fat drops from about 30% to about 18%. Jean size from 37 to 32.

Finally, a big shout out to all of my powered by shaw peeps, especially the ones I have been working out with everyday for the past 7 months, thank you for all the motivation, love y’all!! I can’t wait to see what the next 7 months will bring us. I need more muscles!


Started my journey with Lamar on August 19, 2015 when I walked into Powered by Shaw Fitness for a consultation.  At the end of the conversation he said "I'll see you at 6 AM tomorrow," and since that very first day I have been attending his 6 AM workout classes.  Lamar is an awesome instructor who pushes you past your limits to help you reach your goals.  Working out with Lamar I am down 22 lbs and I have lost 3 inches in the waist.  I highly recommend Lamar to anyone who has fitness goals in mind but need the push and motivation to reach them!! 


-Samantha Russ

I've been working out with Lamar for almost 2 years and have seen some amazing changes in my body. He is a wonderful motivator and is creative in his classes - no two are the same. If you're ready to commit to making working out part of your life, Lamar is the trainer for you. I'm proud to be Powered by Shaw!


-Sallee Dancer

Most of this weight was lost during the first 6 months of training.

For the women out there who don't think that they can do it, you can! How do I know this? Because I once thought the same way!

In order to achieve weight loss goals you must be READY!

Ready to Put YOURSELF and Your BODY 1st. 

Ready to change your eating habits and make healthy choices. 

With DEDICATION and DESIRE you will be able to achieve your fitness goals!

At Powered By Shaw Fitness, Lamar and Candace make this easy for you!

Give yourself 3 days a week, an hour each time and Lamar will help transform you! Thanks to him, his passion for fitness and his dedication to his clients, I have transformed into a much healthier and happier person!



I have known Lamar for the past 2 years and I must say that during this time frame he has taken my physique and my fitness to the next level!  It is abundantly obvious that he is very passionate about fitness and his energy is contagious.  His workouts are extremely creative and he does a great job of shocking your muscle memory.  We all know, that the key is to not get too used to a given workout and Lamar does a great job of mixing it up so your body is forced to adjust.  I highly recommend him to ANYONE who is looking to improve their fitness and/or physical appearance.  He is a TRUE Professional! 



 My husband and I have worked with Lamar Shaw for 2.5 years and have always been incredibly happy with the outcome. At Powered By Shaw Fitness it’s been taken to the next level. From the range of equipment to the intensity, you walk away from class knowing that you are getting results. Powered By Shaw Fitness is the perfect gym if you want variety, knowledgeable trainers, and a constant challenge. Try it out - you won't be disappointed.


-Alysia Eve

I originally began going to Lamar because I wanted to get in shape before college and lose my excess weight. Upon meeting Lamar of Powered By Shaw, I was unsure of the best methods, and relied heavily on cardio as my main exercise. Starting on day 1, Lamar pushed me to the limits. Although it was only a 30 minute session, I felt like I had accomplished more than 2 hours of walking on the treadmill. Lamar's combination of short intensity workouts and weight training alternations allowed me to burned 500-600 calories a session, and double that in the 60 minute sessions. Seeing improvement the first week, I began coming 3 times a week as opposed to one. I saw changes almost immediately, physically and mentally. My confidence boosted, and Lamar showed me that it's possible to push the boundaries. Being severely out of shape, I never thought I would be capable of some of the things he had me do. Aside from the sessions in the gym, he taught me valuable things about my diet, including not only my caloric intake, but specifically what type of calories to be eating, which I instilled immediately, and strictly. Although my time spent under him was short due to college, I took the lessons he taught me along with me. Upon going to school I lost 40 pounds. It's because Lamar showed me that weight training is essential that I believe I was able to make this change. Powered By Shaw Fitness was a great experience and Lamar was an exceptional trainer in all aspects that I needed him. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn things that they can carry on after training is over and throughout daily life.

-Jenna Mcverry

Highly recommend this !! Lamar Shaw is a great trainer -- there is no such thing as hitting a plateau with his classes - no 2 workouts are the same. He is constantly changing the workout to challenge your muscles & cardio strength. Great total body workout!!



I have been working out with Lamar for almost 3 years. My first class was so challenging that I had to come back. I figured like any other gym it would be the same class over and over. I was so wrong, I am challenged with a new routine every time I come it. Even in the 3 years I have been coming I have never taken the same class once. When I found out I was pregnant I knew that staying fit was a goal that I wanted to achieve for my health and my babies. I worked out with Lamar in all of the same classes I did before (with a few modifications of some of the moves)all the way up until I was 38 weeks. I gave birth to my son on week 39. I dropped most of the weight within 2 weeks, it was amazing to see what my body was able to do. I truly believe it is because of my dedication to working out and Lamar taking the time to work with me thought my pregnancy. I am still not where I was to be but it is only been 6 weeks. I have been back in the gym for about 3 weeks now, and can’t wait to see more and more results. The pictures below are 2 weeks prior to giving birth and 2 weeks after….more to come.



After moving to Raleigh, I joined PBSF in June of 2015. I reached out to Lamar looking for a group class as well as short-term personal training to jump start my journey back into fitness. Little did I know that I would still be doing PT with Lamar 16 months later and absolutely loving it!

After working with multiple gyms and trainers, I can honestly say that Lamar and his workouts are the best. He is very knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition, and truly cares about the goals of each individual client. His workouts are challenging and always changing, and he has an amazing ability to ensure that you feel like you are getting a personalized experience and attention even when in a class of 25 or more.

Since working with Lamar, I am in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, more confident, and healthier than I could have ever imagined. I have lost over 130 pounds from my heaviest point, but that is not even the accomplishment I am most proud of as I have learned to love strong over skinny. I look forward to 6am workouts with the best trainer and gym family possible, and have truly loved this lifestyle change. The environment is incredibly challenging but motivating, and I leave the gym every day feeling ready to conquer the day.

Lamar's expertise easily surpasses the gym, and his encouragement and positive energy can be translated to every part of your life. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change, a boost to your current fitness routine, or looking for a challenge - PBSF is the place for you! If you are reading this and wondering if this is the place for you or the time to start and the answer is simple. YES. Make the call/send the email today, and I promise you won't regret it. You deserve the best and Lamar and the PBSF team can't be beat! Join us, we look forward to welcoming you to the 6am class :)



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